Rangers Close Out Trip On Winning Note As Divisional Play Begins Tonight

I am admittedly, not much of a gamer. I go online primarily to research and check and a few things. I came from a techie background with a strong understanding of finance. I never much liked spending time playing games other than pool or some monopoly. That understood, I have an appreciation for gaming. I have an appreciation for the artistry that goes into putting games together and the ability to market the games to all those whom crave playing them like a runner craves his next breath.

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But as far back as I could remember, all I ever wanted was to be involved in games. I love games. I love the feel of being transported to a different world. I am perpetually amazed how a game could make you forget the time and make you forget a problem. Do you have a problem with your love life? Play counterstrike! Imagine that the evil and vile love of your life face on a terrorist and shoot it with a machine gun. Exterminate! Obliterate! Oops I am sorry. I am getting out of line here. Anyway, I have been envious of professional game players. They go from one tournament to another and earning money while playing computer games. Then they get to win really cool prizes like a top of the line PC or the latest release mobile phone. Talk about lucky people.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is set to release on November 9Th on all the major gaming consoles. Its yet another war game FPS, this time dated in the cold war playing as Special Operatives. One of the main reasons behind this being one of the most anticipated games this Fall is because of the hard work the team has been putting in on this one. They’re marketing this thing great releasing it on all the major consoles and give the DS its own special version. Just take a look at the games site website. They even had a video remix of Eminem for crying out loud.

The result is a puffy knee and a return to normalcy. Bryant insists on practices being fierce and he games website demands that teammates give no breaks to each other. He told a story about berating Pau Gasol who complimented Andrew Bynum for a great move that Gasol couldn’t defend.

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