The Role Of Adults In Child Care

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Involve them in the jobs you do: i.e cooking, cleaning, shopping. If you are cooking for example, prepare an area near the kitchen where they can do play cooking further away but near enough for you to see them whilst doing yours. This will keep them busy whilst you accomplish your tasks.

Don’t be afraid to check out the camp’s staff. Are they qualified, experienced Childcare Courses? Is the staffing level appropriate to the age group. Is the staff CPR and first aid trained?Is there a defibrillator on the premises, and what first aid supplies do they stock?

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Knowledge. Some states require day care owners to either complete a Child Care Course or be a certified teacher. Not sure if yours is one of them? Read up on your local laws and legislations on child care. Check out your business associations and other local government offices for what you might need.

Babies -demanding, require a lot of attention and for you to make decisions to help them get what they need They can only cry.Its will be your job role to give them waht they need to thrive, be happy and contented.

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